Pip as she appears on her personal poster

Welcome to the Pip Wiki!

Welcome to the Pip: A Short Film Wiki! Here, you can find any information about the film, ranging from all of the characters to behind the scenes info. This page was not created by McKenzie Reid, but I do have access to her if any questions arise.

What is Pip: A Short Film?

Pip: A Short Film is a 6 and 1/2 minute long short thriller film by 13-year-old filmmaker, McKenzie Reid. It stars Lilly Massaway as Lilika Lokis, Maya Massaway as Piper Lokis, Brynn Saxton as Sophia Smith, Brystal Saxton as Makayla Smith, Bentley Inbody as Jackson Turner, Carson Inbody as Carter Turner, and Tommy Paul as Matthew Sanders.

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